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Ride Safe: 4th Upper Nordeast Drunk Ride

Posted October 7, 2005 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

sycipwhizzer Do you guys know about this? Drunk Nordeaster SUNDAY (10/9/2005) night? Contact Chuck at Behind Bars Shoppe for the final word. Word. Gang a bong... 4:45-5:45 Stella's (4th & Lowry) free buzzcuts and mohawks 6:00 Stasius 6:45 Psycho Suzies 7:30 Sample Room 8:00 Dusty's Bar 8:30 Lara's 1029 9:15 NE Yacht Club 9:45 Elsie's 10:15 331 Club 11:00 Mayslack's 11:30 Knight Cap 12:00 Jimmy's 12:30 deuce deuce station 1:00 Grumpy's NE Hey, Flagstaff honch Steve Garro was hit by a car last week. He's going to survive, but this shit is out of control. Stay alert and stay safe out there, people. And I sadly bid adieu to my aunt Shirley Bock who passed yesterday. R.I.P.
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