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road racing in an alley

Posted June 16, 2003 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Oh, it was a good weekend! The Great River Energy Bicycle Festival was in town. All the heavy trade teams were here. Navigators, Jelly Belly, Diet Rite, Rona, T-Mobile, 7-Up, and some team sponsored by a car company. I only saw 2 of the 5 stages, the crit in downtown Mpls and the crit in Stillwater. The Mpls crit was fast and some people went dowwwn. Not just the racers either! We had a little after race at the One On One Studio derby lot. Funny, how every time there is a bicycle race in town, it always ends at the studio. Some norwegians named Hans E. and Per B. showed up and proceeded to throw it down down in the junkyard. The Kenwood crew was in full action also(you guys are gonna pay, that's twice now that you have ruined the Huffy.). Me? I got a cab ride home after being fully punished by the 8yr old(thank you Joop) and only making it 5 blocks. Sat. was brutal, enough said. Sunday was nice. Trent Klasna of the car company team just simply rode away, won the stage and the overall. It was impressive. The other standouts of the weekend was the outstanding ride of local boy Adam Bergman, on the box a couple times, leader jersey, dude is gonna be great. Steve Tilford, 44 years old, U.S. National Champion in 1984, makes the break in Fridays crit and almost pulls the win, the guy is a freak. And finally, Peter Maxwell my old teammate from the Bianchi Martini team. 6 laps into Fridays crit, his first pro race, he went down. At least you got that out of the way.
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