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Rock N Roll (Hello Cleveland!)

Posted September 12, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Have you heard the nooze? Well shit, Motorhead has cancelled their US tour due to Lemmy hurting his foot over in Europe. Apparently he stubbed his toe or something and then refused treatment and continued to play a series of shows over there. But the pain is so intense now that doctors have ordered him to stay off his feet for awhile, and you know Lemmy ain't playing no show seated in an easy chair. This turn of events really sucks, not only because we won't be able to have our ears shredded by the warthog & crue, but also because it's unknown if tour mates ZEKE will still roar through town bringing their sonic punk rock assault. If they do, I'd love to see them move the show from the mainroom into the Entry, or even the 3 Rock. Stay tuned, and we'll post any updates as we get them. But fear not, rockers, as there is plenty of rock action on the platter. Original Brit-punks The Vibrators play Wednesday, Sept. 15 at the 3 Rock. Into the Future, indeed! One of my favorite bands, Nebula plays Wednesday, Sept. 22 at the 3 Rock. (There is a rumour that the Wednesday Night Ride might even be on the guest list-egads!) Check out the Triple Rocksite for a whole slew of rad shows coming up. Japanese super sweeties, The 5,6,7,8's hit the 7th St. Entry on Monday, Sept. 27. Don't miss these girls. Oct. 1, you can catch Mike Watt in the Entry. Oct. 8, Scottish noise-mongers, Mcluskyreturn. (are you going, Tatara?) Monday, November 29 will be a good night to work off all that tofurkey when CLUTCH, FU MANCHU, andHIGH ON FIRE assault the mainroom of First Avenue. I'm bringin' three sets of ear plugs for that one. It's exhausting even thinking about all this music, so I'm going riding. Later, Sk8r.
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