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Saddle angle

Posted January 23, 2007 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Here's a rant from my boy Dan-O down under at Shifter Bikes, tellin' it like it is: And just to keep everyone amused, a rant before I go... What the fuck is happening to the angle of peoples saddles lately? Has the world gone mad for the downward tilted saddle? I mean, there are plenty of examples here, here, a few and even one here. GET THAT SADDLE LEVEL!!!! Since the birth of Methuselah the rule for saddle set up always has been, and continues to be for that matter - flat and parallel with the ground. No exceptions. Riding with a saddle that looks like a playground slide is about as wrong as eating ones own excrement. Doing it doesn't make you like you race keirin. It just makes you look like a dickhead. Show me even ONE decent Pro rider, anywhere in the world, in any discipline - road, track, mountain, 'cross, that rides with their saddle pointed at their front hub and I'll go fucking he. In fact, if you can prove to me that it happens, I'll give you a free ShifterBikes cap, service your bike free of charge for the rest of your life....and eat my own shit. The only argument I have ever heard that makes even the slightest amount of sense comes from Leah, who's bike was in the last pic... "Also, I stand by my saddle choices: the yellow is just so deliciously hideous, and the angle, well it may be aesthetically dubious but it's a revolution in female cycling, I could even have a motto...Leah, preserving genital sensation since 2006" When it comes to the 'nether regions' of the fairer sex and the associated saddle angle it's obviously a whole different kettle of fish.....
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