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Sink the Pink vs. Rocket from the Crypt

Posted March 11, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

People of Earth: After yesterday's balmy 45° above -including RAIN and SNOW showers, we awoke to 6° this morning. I've had it. Spoke to a cat from Colorado Springs yesterday, and he mentioned getting sunburned on a ride earlier this week! WTF! Ain't no sunburns goin' on in this neck of the woods, but if you're interested in getting a little freezerburn, join the Wrexican and myself this Saturday for the SLICK 50 ride. 50k on fixed gears. Next week we'll be off to Kansas City for the Midwest Singletrack Summit, as well as the best bloody mary's in the world at the Newsroom. McGruff is rumoured to be making an appearance, so look for a Retarded Dingoes Reunion. The new CRC hoodies are back in stock. Black w/blue ink, and they look bitchen!. Get on the horn to be the first on your block. Also, water bottles are back in, as are pink tshirts in all sizes, including smalls for the ladies. But those things are moving quick, so act fast if you want one. In fact, they're so damn hot those kids at Surly have released a limited pink run of their own. Lastly, the Rocket from the Crypt reference in the title was just to get a rise out of The Mayor of Drunkingham. Check him out. Peace and hair grease. -Hurl
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