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SLICK 50 SPRING CLASS-SICK, 15-March, 2008

Posted March 14, 2008 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Yes, yes, y'all. It's that time again. The Slick 50 is this Saturday, 15 March. • Meet at the Triple Rock at 10:00 am, (if you want breakfast). The ride will leave as early as 11:30, but NO LATER THAN 12 NOON. Go back and read that again. We'd like to leave by 11:30 if at all possible. • This is an all-day sucker, expect roughly 4-5 hours of fun(k). It is not a race, but It is not a cruiser ride, it is not a stop-every-10-blocks-for-a-beer-and-a-smoke ride. It is a ride. Tell whomever you'd like, but make sure they understand this, and are able to deal with it. No snivelin', dammit, Boomhauer! • You will get muddy, (bring a fender-seriously.) Pack any and all provisions you think you might need, including extra clothes, food, drink, vagisil (zito), etc. • We will stop at some point on the trail for a beer or two, so pack some in your satchel, dig? • Any bike is welcome; Cross-bikes or fixed/road with decent tire clearance are probably your best choice. Singlespeed mountain bikes, unless geared for (dirt)road~ish conditions, are probably not. But, hey, run what ya' brung. • The point, like all good Spring Class-sicks, is to suffer! here is a good set of photos from last year's ride:
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