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Slick Rick tha' Rulah

Posted March 17, 2008 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

34 riders made it out for this years' Slick 50 Spring Class-Sick, and were treated to a new route, and new riders. Breakfast at the Triple Rock, featuring Kahlua pancakes, Guinness, and Jameson. Note syrup pentagram on cakes... Group photo just after the start under the 94 bridge. The Professor had the best tshirt of the day. [see ham photo below] B-rad killed on the 23's all day, then peeled off to make a poker game in Golden Valley. This tough motherfucker is Burleigh County Burns. He ran a 5k in the morning, before showing up for the ride. This tunnel lead to the days first... Beer Stop! Temps did not get as high as last year which kept the peanut butter to a minimum, but it was still plenty crusty. Playing catch-up in the slow, peanut butter slog after a nature break. All three 2008 Stupor Bowl champs were in attendance. Here's overall champ Susan Lee's lock. The ride culmintaed at the Hopkins Tavern, where they were holding a Meat Raffle. Landon won a ham. Everyone was in awe... Thanks to everyone who rode. More photos HERE
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