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Small Batch Embro + Rock And Roll

Posted November 22, 2016 @ 12:45pm | by Hurl

Anyone who knows me knows my love of rock and roll, and no band epitomizes that more than Seattle's ZEKE. When I stumbled upon their Flat Tracker release at Minneapolis' RoadRunner Records back in 1998 I was all in, both for the snarling, speedy riffs of Blind Marky Felchtone & Co, but also for the vintage b&w cover shot of Mert Lawill. Released on Scooch Pooch Records, Flat Tracker was (and still is!) some good shit. Intrigued, I sent away for their mail order catalog. Fast-forward to last year and I stumbled upon a little company called Small Batch Embrocation, based in Los Angeles, California offering embrocation and muscle rubs for cycling. Always a fan of small, d.i.y. business, it was with no small bit of wonderment that I learned that Small Batch proprietor Jim Ransweiler was also part of Scooch Pooch all those years ago. 

Small Batch offers six embros of varying heat, along with chamois creme and a muscle rub. I've been using the Jingle Embro this season, a medium heat mix of peppermint & cinnamon oils that provide plenty of warmth as we enter the true cold temps of winter. Check out Small Batch Embro and get ready to Flat Track! 



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