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Soft-on-Soft Studio

Posted February 19, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

the proprietor of a certain local "bicycle studio" has been talkin' loud, but not sayin' nothin'. Didn't show up for the Thursday Morning Ride where he could have drank a 40 in honor of the temps hitting 40 yesterday, or ripped through Kenwood and Cedar Lake alleys en route to see Sovern play the banjo at Lee's Liquor Lounge, and maybe, just maybe, tested the new Surly firestarter kit. If pressed, he'll claim he was riding a "funkinator bike" or tell you he's busy getting ready for Friday night's art opening for our man Jim Zellinger. Chrisdemeanor was there. Power Wagon, Brauer Power, too. Grayboy, Wrexican, Ben, Mark of the Beast, Duke, Flameburger, New-guy Noah, and I'm probably forgetting others, but no sign of Eugene Paul Oberpriller...., but here are a few more words from him. "I gots some more excuses". I had to clean up after a few of yous came by and left your cans and broken, trashed bicycle parts about the place. Of course I was having a few cans myself and that did not help me get out the door any faster either. Oh yeah, I forgot about going upstairs to Zito's place for a minute or two, or was it a whole bunch of minutes? I'm just savin myself for next week, yeah, you all remember what happened a year ago next week don't ya? xoxo, Homer S.
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