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Springtime Action Continues

Posted May 19, 2010 @ 1:38pm | by Hurl

First up, pal Clay had his Steamroller stolen recently. This photo was obviously from a few months ago, but keep your eyes peeled if you're in Minneapolis. God Damn, I hate bike thieves. edit: This just in from Clay himself: "man, you're not going to believe this. Just about an hour ago a guy calls me up saying he's watching some young delinquent riding my bike in DT st. paul, about a mile from where i work. I grab two of my coworkers and we tear down there, still on the phone with the dude who spotted it. We jump out of the car, run around the corner, and sure as shit, there it is, surrounded by 5 kids who look to be in about the 9th grade. I tore it out from underneath one of them, gave them a few kind words, and rode off. they didn't put up any fight. its a little beat up, but still 99% there.
thanks for throwing a heads-up on the CRC blog!

Next, this weekend sees the MIDWEST BIKE POLO CHAMPIONSHIP right here in the 612.

Also, Race #1 of the MN MOUNTAIN BIKE SERIES, The Freewheel Frolic takes place on Saturday at Salem Hills Park, Inver Grove Heights.

The Midtown Greenway Challenge is fast approaching on June 5. Win a trip to France while you're at it.

Lastly, the boys in Burleigh County are putting together a tour of the finest singletrack in the Missouri River valley. It's what you would call my stomping grounds as a youth, and I'll be making every effort to attend, if for no other reason than to put Fitzgerald in the dirt...
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