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SSWC 2005

Posted September 20, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

for a complete break down, contact: Here is the official word on the Single Speed World Championships for Aug 20&21rst 2005. This statement is approved for print, water cooler sessions, and general insider knowledge. Pass on the good word, Thanks. Eric Roman Promoter of the largest Single Speed Party in 2005 SSWC 2005Headquarters Sept. 16, 2004 State College, PA The Single Speed World Championships for 2005 will be held in State College, PA on August 20th & 21rst. This year will mark the first ever visit to the East for the SSWC and promises to offer a challenging course in the East Coast tradition. Racers can expect challenging climbs, rock strewn ridges, and fast, tricky descents. As usual, the event will focus around the main event (25+ mile single loop) designed by local single speeders to highlight the finest trails available. Back from past years will be the Derby to help decide the location for 2006- be ready to throw down. Mens and womens titles will be decided on the now infamous Go-Cart track (from the East Coast Single Speed Championship of the Universe)- racers will have to qualify for the opportunity to battle in the cars, eliminating Pro?racers from an easy day of it. We would also like to offer any professional bike racer under suspension for illegal drugs by the UCI free entrance into the event. Yup, we know your pain and would like to offer the rare chance to attain a World Title while under suspension. In fact, let us know your favorite drugs and we just might be able to have some waiting. Also, Jan Ulrich- patron saint of single speeding. With that grinding single speed climbing style, watching you push those gears brings a tear to our beer for you, my friend. You are our hero and a true single speeder at heart.
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