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SSWC 2006 Video

Posted August 28, 2006 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Here's a cool video from Stockholm. Scroll down to the SSWC '06 and click it or ticket. Meanwhile, you've heard all the rumours, and had time to prepare. Best get thee to the DAKOTA 5-0. At this point in the program, I'd like to tell you that I'm just a little bit pissed off about a very bruised and swollen ankle, the result of a night-lap get off at the 24 Hours of Afton. I'm the shit out it and Ibuprofen Overdosing, but since I have no health insurance, I'm forgoing the X-ray spex, thank you very much. (If this had happened in Sweden, it would have been no problem, right Hollywood?). Meanwhile, if the ankle will support the weight, we're talking 33 x 21, or 34 x 22 on the Soulcraft, for the Steak Dinner 5-0...
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