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St. Ides & SLICK 50

Posted March 15, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Yeah, hope you're all enjoying the Ides of March today. I don't have any St. Ides, but there is some PBR in the fridge, left over from Saturdays SLICK 50 ride. It was short notice, and the weather was questionable, but The Wrexican, Zito, The Donut Queen and I took off from Bob's Java Hut around 12:15, met up w/Tatara-tara on the bike highway. We rode a fair bit on the regional trail that leads out to Minnetonka. It was like riding thru peanut butter due to the morning rain and we slogged it out to Excelsior. Stopped for coffee and sugar at Dunn Bros. Coffee, headed out and heard a loud POP! as Zito's sidewall blew out on his rear tire. To top it off, he was running aero rims w/long-stem valves. We managed a MacGyver fix, and rolled back to town along Minnetonka Boulevard. Beers were dowwwned at Tatara-tara's secret SLP hideaway. A great, greasy day of riding with good friends. Next time I swear I'll be more organized and get the word out more than one day in advance...
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