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STUPOR BOWL 7-This Saturday, January 31

Posted January 27, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Well kids, it looks like we might finally get the cold weather Stupor Bowl we've always wanted. Here's the lowdown from race (dis)organizer, Chris Zito: Registration- Friday night after 9ish at Mackenzie's on Hennipen, next to the Orpheum Theatre. Saturday registration will be at 1009 Nicolett, (the old "space") from 11ish to 1 or 2ish. Entry fee will be somewhere btwn 10 and 15 bucks, and gets you a Pabst Stupor Bowl t-shirt, entry to the Trip Rock, entry to the evening party (free beer), and entry into a drawing to win a Surly frame. (compliments of Grayboy all-star and the lovely folks at Squirley). There is so much shit to give away that everyone should leave with something, not including the usual scrapes and bruises and STDs that go so hand in hand with the Stupor Bowl. There will be TONS of prizes and giveaways from sponsors like Surly, Kryptonite, Re-Load, Blazing Saddles, One on One, Cars R Coffins, and most importantly PBR!  The race/ride will finish at The Triple Rock, where there will be a few messenger bands and the track stand comp. Cheap Pabst and good food. The rock rock rock has a great menu and variety of dishes for the vegan and veggies out there. Awards will be given that night at the after party at the warehouse, 117 Washington Avenue North. Oh yeah I almost forgot the sprints comp will be in dead mans alley so everybody bring a friend, just in case you need help making your way home. Thats all for now--rubber side down--Zito 
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