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Posted February 2, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

What a cracker of a weekend. Saturday was the 7th Annual Stupor Bowl. Quite an annual feat, generally revolves around racing your bike from checkpoint to checkpoint, each one a bar, and 13 in all. What better way to kick off the weekend than a pre-registration party at Mackenzie's, where someone forgot to tell the staff that PBR's shouldn't cost $3.25. So en masse we rode to Luce for $2 cans and hangovers. Saturday afternoon, close to 70 bicycle rednecks showed up. Pre-race spirits were high, and racers smoked american spirits. The route was pretty straightforward. With the greenway bench as the start, I ran it like this: country bar bryant lake bowl lyles lee's skyway luce downtown grumpy's nordeast mayslacks spring st. bar terminal bar grumpy's downtown bullwinkle's triple rock Got a bitchen start. Everyone went out and up LaSalle. I rode straight thru Loring Park and up Lyndale. John Swanson roared past me holding the spoiler on a purple dodge shadow. From the country bar to blb, I was riding against stopped traffic and made an evasive maneuver that had to have looked cool. 2 wheel slide, Clyde. Rode with O-tree after that. He pulled me around all day, talking about dominating 24 of 9 on single speeds this year. Sounds good to me. Some fast rides later see Brauer at Grumpys NE, down bourbon and roar out of there, eventually make it to triple rock. Marco and two milwaukee's sprinted for the win, but dq'd: all missed the terminal. Mpls. kid won it, but Brauer Power! got 2nd overall. Mac drank at 11 of 13 stops. I got 9th. Survival of the Illest update: Juke got taken out by an auto at 29 & Aldrich, but after xrays at the hospital showed no broken bones, he made a triumphant entrance to the 3 rock, and we were all stoked to see him. Today, to celebrate Ground Hog's Day, I went xc skiing at Bassett Creek. I think we've got foot of snow in the last 48 hours. No sign of the groundhog, and no sign of Janet Jackson's tits. burn in hell, -hurl
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