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Summertime-Sock It To Me Today

Posted June 24, 2010 @ 2:25pm | by Hurl


Alright, summer is here and we're digging it. There's a few things you should know:
Bikes in the shop.
61cm Trek 510 Gentlemen's Single Speed. 57cm top tube- $400

Coming soon: [in the shop, but not yet ready for prime-time, players...]
18.5" Wheeler Single Speed mountain bike
17" Bianchi Ibex Single Speed
Hawthorne Mixte 3-speed
56cm Gary Fisher urban trawler/hybrid
19" Popular Special Sports Model coaster brake w/fenders!

Rapha Clothing-it's no secret that I love this stuff. Yes, it's expensive, but trust me, it works, and it looks good, too. I believe the saying is, "All you haters can suck my balls," or something like that. You'll have to check over at Bikesnob to be sure. Anyway, the point of all this is that you can now purchase Rapha kit locally, from our friends over atThe Angry Catfish. It's worth the trip.

Hopping a train to LaCrosse this weekend to ride back on the scenic byways of Wisconsin. Best of luck to Gramo who had a, uh, "mishap" on the ride home the other night....

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