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thank you

Posted September 30, 2003 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Good God, that was fun, and I\'m talkin\' about the PBR-sponsored StrongArm Marketing Bike Swap & Rokka Rolla Extravaganza last Sunday. Thank you to all who attended, crashed, drank beer, threw things at the derby riders, and spent cash. Special mention to the hard corpse who drove down from Winnipeg for Saturday\'s cross race, and hung around for the Sunday\'s bachnal. Thanks to 4130 and Heads & Bodies for rocking the mic, and to Gene & One On One Studio for the locale, and Jana & Dave & PBR. If you missed this one, look for the next swap sometime next spring. Meanwhile, I hope to see some of you in Las Vegas at Interbike, especially the Dirt Demo. Until then I\'ll be holed up in the CRC HQ all week trying to bang out another issue of the whole mess. Please note our new phone # (612-203-0914) and thank you again for supporting, and being a part of MINNEAPOLIS BIKE CULTURE: none finer, anywhere. -Hurl
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