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The 5-0 & GnomeFest & Hellriders, & all sorts of crap...

Posted September 11, 2005 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

maahdaahhey MAAH DAAH HEY TRAIL VISTA Good nooze out of Kansas City. Our boy ZEKE is breathing on his own again, off the respirator. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go HERE. Suffice to say, he took a blunt blow to the dome, sans helmet and things weren't real copacetic there for awhile. Get well soon, Hoss. And where's my T-Mobile jersey? breckjump1breckjump2 CRC Factory rider Breck Heintz jumps Hollywood Henderson OK, already, the 5-0. Yeah, Zito beat me. Fitzgerald beat me. They all beat me. Bailey got a steak dinner, but hey, at least I beat the Muni rider... Shit, I don't know what happened, other than my body went into lockdown at about mile 15. Unbearable cramping, first in the quads, then ultimately my entire lower body, calves, achilles tendon, everything. Throw in a rear flat, and you have a disastrous day. 6:55, a full hour and a half slower than last year's time. Fuck it. Some more upcoming action: Next weekend, September 16-18, you have CHEQUAMEGON to look forward to. 40 miles of fun, Hayward to Cable. GNOMEFEST returns September 23-25. The Michigan HELLRIDERS invite you to a very special event, October 22, 2005. Interbike, only two weeks away. CRC will be at the dirt demo both days, and then hijacking the CHROME booth at the show with new CRC bags, hoodies, and maybe, just maybe, CRC #14. Are you down with VELO VENGEANCE? genenip water cold enough for you, Gene?
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