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Tooth Ache

Posted October 3, 2005 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

well, I've made it home from Interbike with a swollen liver and a roaring tooth ache. If possible, I will have my wisdom tooth yanked this week. For those of you who have placed orders in the last week, I will ship them today or tomorrow; thanks for your patience. Interbike held no real suprises, other than nearly everything is wrapped in carbon fiber. It was awfully nice to see the return of the SOPWAMTOS (society of people who actually make their own shit) awards. Surly took home honors for Best US Bike Brand Made in Taiwan. There were several nice looking single speeds and 29" bikes. Maverick held a bitchen' pool party at a house rumoured to have once belonged to James Garner (Rockford!).
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