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Posted October 21, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

ACHTUNG Minneapplepus dirt bikers: There's still time to get up off your asses and pitch in over at Theo Wirth with the bitchen new singletrack trails. MOCA has been steadily creating a dirt track wonderland all summer long and there's only a few days left to bank some good karma. Next Wednesday at 5pm, followed by a TRAIL BUILDING BLITZ the weekend of October 30-31 (which dovetails nicely with the return of the MINNEAPOLIS HOMIE FALL FEST on Saturday the 30th) will put a nice stamp on the season. If you've yet to hoist a pulaski, a macleod, or a "cyndi" lopper, then I expect to see your smiling mug there at one or all of the sessions.
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