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Posted September 29, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Howdy lurkers. Hey, It's not too late to claim your prize as the fastest, or drunkest Upper Midwest Single Speeder. This Saturday, October 2, is the UPPER MIDWEST SINGLE SPEED CHAMPIONSHIP. Sponsors include PABST BLUE RIBBON, SURLY BIKES, & CRC. Go to for info and directions, or email Tell him Hurl sent you... IMPORTANT: if you are a Minneapolis metro area mountain bike freak, (like myself) then please consider getting out for the few remaining trail work days at Theodore WIrth. The Minneapolis Off-road Cycling Advocates (MOCA), along with M.O.R.C., have done a stellar job in creating yet another fast, fun, sustainable singletrack trail for local riders. Trail work is performed Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings, so gather up your pulaskis and get over there, dammit! CRC is off once again to Los Vegrants for the Interblight Trade Show, Oct. 4 - Oct. 8. Stay tuned for updates on sweet new parts, drunken rows and mugshots, and the general maelstrom found in that desert paradise. That is all. -Hurl
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