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Vegas 2004, & a STOLEN BIKE recovered

Posted October 10, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Hiya, back from another Interbike in Las Vegas; some good stuff out there, and a lot of the same, i.e. boozin' and schmoozin. Interbike is such a social event that it's hard to get excited about the products sometimes. Much love and respect to E. Richter, The Mayor of Drunkingham, Geno, Toshi, Elayna, Dave, Nick, Andy, Mia, Sov and the Surly/QBP regulars, Drunk Johnny, Troy of OTE fame, JeffGHolt, Bear, Cheever, Fiona, Ballbreaker, Andy from Bike Box, Sky Yeager, Dirt Ragers, Zac @ Seven/Hup United. Spot Brand, Hollywood & Photo John from MTBR, Mofo & Sockguy, and on and on. Some (but not all) highlights: Panaracer's new Fire Cross 700 x 45c tire. Lookin' good on the black Surly Cross-Check at the Dirt Demo, this tire is a winner. Not quite a 29'er, but bigger than a cross tire. An all-purpose porpoise. Good job, Zell... I rode 10 different bikes at the Dirt Demo. The two standouts were the Intense 5.5 & the Turner 5-Spot. Man alive, if I were in the market for an all-mountain trail killer, I'd have a hard time choosing between these two. Both bikes nail the SPV suspension and inspired more confidence the faster I went. Spot's 29'er is a well balanced hot rod, and Surly's new color for their Karate Monkey, Electric Rootbeer, had all the kids drooling. Vicious Cycles beyond bass boat blue frame at the EKO Sports booth was a visual mind-melter. Too cool for school. And their metallic pink metal flake fork was a perverts dream. So damn groovy, I'd have a hard time getting it dirty. Bacon Martinis at the Double Down. Egads. Bacon-infused vodka + PBR = a rough Friday morning. Drunk Cyclist wool socks. Yay! And last but not least, the new CRC/Chrome PVC Kremlin messenger bags sold out in two days! More are on the way. A HUGE thanks to Justin & Bart at Chrome. Meanwhile, back in the 612, if anyone had a cool Bridgestone stolen over the weekend, let me know. Evil Pixie repossessed this very unique, circa-92 model and it is now safely being held at the CRC HQ. Call or email me with a description and we will do everything in our power to get it back to the rightful owner. I'm tired... -Hurl
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