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We are not in charge

Posted March 20, 2003 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

I thought we(the people) were in charge. I voted. I spoke up. Most people I know agreed that bin-laden and Al-Qaida should be first. Get the man, not the country. It did not matter. The president is doing exactly what Colin Powel said he should not do. The hawks (lead by Paul Wolfwitz) have achieved their objective. Nothing to do now but wait and let them play it out. It's sad that the money to solve the problems that plague this great country, will be used to create even more problems. Speaking of doom. Our very own Rexican has launched the doom laden instrametal band Zebulon Pike. We'll have a review coming soon. Meanwhile you can ck it at Victory Records sent us " The Files You Have On Me" by the band Waterdown. This german band kicks down a thick slab of intense hardcore, melodic punk and dark metal. Review also coming soon. Wed Nite Ride Report: 6 of us, it was raining, it stopped, we rode to Bob's Pizza, it sucked, we rode to Grumpys, it did not suck, rode to the river, made fire, got warm, drank beer, everybody rode my 1948 Monarch on the cement bank, Grayboy was the derby winner, hit the pillow at 4am.
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