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We Got Colorful Bikes, You Probably Like...

Posted December 9, 2010 @ 8:04pm | by Hurl

Have you seen the bikes on sale @CRC lately? Some real fine pieces here, folks. Don't delay, act today!

Did someone say Orange? Hey, it's not just the title of a Jon Spencer Blues Explosion record, son! 59cm of Hot & Custom. $600

Hey Honky, it's Tonky. If you're lookin' to crush some gravel, this here's the one you want. 59cm. $1200

This is one of the most beautiful (Handsome?) bikes I've ever assembled at the Cykel Garage. You'd be making your girl really smile with this under the tree. Handbuilt wheels w/Velocity Deep V's & Electra Ticino hubs. 55cm. $1150

Ok, so you just need some reliable 4130 transportation? Step right up, sister. 54cm Mixte. $275

Nothing more than cool urban riding with this one: 53cm Sanwa Mixte single speed. $250

What is it about lugged steel single speed mountain bikes? Well they kick ass, that's what. This 19.5" Wheeler SS conversion will put a smile on your face whether on the road or on the dirt. Priced to move @ $300, and that's with an XTR rear hub!
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