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What the hell is Cars-R-Coffins

Posted February 20, 2006 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

I get asked this question a lot, especially now that I've opened the CRC Coffee Bar. And while a lot of you may know me, and know what I'm trying to say, I thought I'd repost this little nugget from the MTBR archive, (April 2005.) I'm not trying to alienate anyone, nor be a smart ass. CRC can (and does) mean many things to many people. Here's just one option. It's a bit of ramble, so read at your own pace... Q:Cars-R-Coffins Who or what are they? I've seen the logo, I've seen articles of clothing emblazoned with the logo, I've visited the website and cannot for the life of me figure what on earth Cars-R-Coffins are. Are they a clothing line? A bike shop? A subculture? A collective of superheroes? A bunch of assh0les? A mere figment of my imagination? What? A:"what is/are Cars-R-Coffins?" Well it's like this, see: It's simply a way of looking at the car-dominant culture we live in, and making an observation. It's not wanting to be strapped behind the wheel of some 2 ton behemoth, stuck in traffic, going nowhere fast, and groaning about the price of gas because I have to drive to work at my dead-end job in a gray carpeted cubicle, just so I can make the monthly payment on this sweet metallic gold mini-thunderbird-toyota-prius-hybrid-all-wheel-drive-suv-escalade-playa-hatin'-chrome-22's-up-on-this-bizatch hot car that I only drive to work. It's whatever you want it to be, this CRC thing, but hopefully it will make you think about how you spend your time in the daily flux of life. Driving everywhere, single-occupant cars clogging up city streets and highways, and people crying about the price of gas, and why don't we just drill ANWR already, Jeezus! it's my god-given right to get 22 gallons per mile and get those damn toy bicycles off the road already. I'm on my way to the trailhead, fukker! Got change for the meter? Drive! Drive some more! Do it! Gas prices are at an all time high! Car commercials always show the open road! Get some! Drop your kids off at the Limp Bizkit/Sum 41 show at the Mega-Plex! Feel SAFE in your big vehicle! Feel the wind in your hair as you drop the top in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Be a "cool" kid and start a "cool" club that the "uncool" kids aren't allowed in! Define everything! Post questions on MTBR! Pontificate on how "cool" your new Jones-bar 29er is, and everyone else just rides "kiddie wheels." Yeah. Oh, and another thing. What does FUH2 mean? Don't eat the brown acid. Hollywood Roxx Ya! Turn ZEKE up to 11 and GO!
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