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Where Have All the Good Times Gone? (Cheney's Got a Gun)

Posted February 13, 2006 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

632923-4upcrop Did you ride your bike today? Or perhaps you carpooled? This Cambodian family doesn't care about your hybrid-ethanol "flex-fuel" clean car boolshit. And neither do I. Driving is the lazyman's (or woman's) game, but I very well may have taken the express route to work today had I been given the option of a few more minutes of sleep. I realize that waking up at 6am isn't THAT early, but it's early enough for me. And the short 15-20 minute ride to work is probably faster than driving, anyway. It's definitely more inspiring, rolling thru quiet neighborhoods with little traffic, the occasional commuter scraping the frost off their windows, warming up their cars for the daily gridlock dance. Thanks to everyone who made the first week of the CRC Coffee Bar a success. I do appreciate it. cheers, -Hurl ps. Watch your back if you go hunting with Dick Cheney.
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