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Whiskey 50 Offroad in Prescott, AZ

Posted April 29, 2014 @ 10:44am | by Hurl

I've just returned from Prescott, Arizona where the Whiskey Offroad races were held this past weekend. It was a grueling day on the bike Saturday, with rain at the start, sleet and blowing snow up on the mountain, – with 30 mph gusts and white-out conditions at times – but I kept the pedals turning and finished in 6:07:30. By Sunday, the storms had moved on and the Pro men & women were looking at stellar conditions and a ripping fast course. We watched the pro start, – Marathon World Champ Christoph Sauser would take the win in a sprint, finishing in just under 3 hours. Mind boggling, and Chloe Woodruff would add to her Friday night fat tire crit win, sprinting to the women's victory – but drove to Sedona for one last day of shredding. More later, but for now I've got to go train in the rain.

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