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Xmess Radio and the Big Beat

Posted December 6, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Well here we are, the first full week of December and I awake to snow-covered sidewalks and Mac sez, "have you noticed lately that the air outside smells like baby poo?" Uh, no, I have not noticed that. Big, enormous thanks to Gene & Jennifer at One On One Studio for hosting another mad opening night party on Saturday for Caroline Yang's 21 Days to show. Well worth checking out for a perspective of the Tour not usually seen in the press. For all you Holiday shoppers out there just banging your heads against the wall, stay tuned for the new CARS-R-COFFINS Messenger Bag, made for us by Chrome Industries, of San Francisco. These suckers are a DELUXE version of Chrome's popular Metropolis bag, made entirely of waterproof PVC, and will be available in White, Orange, or Gray. Pictures coming soon.
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