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Posted June 25, 2002 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Marquette, Michigan is home to sick stunts, insane riders, and black flies. Thursday, I went down on 'yer mom. That is to say, I smacked my dome super hard and broke my helmet in two spots on a trail called "Yer Mom." But I got up, finished the ride and yesterday, rode more sick, rocky, technical trails, and then went "freeriding" off of Sugarloaf with Dave O, Mike B, and Ryan, three of Marquette's best riders. Essentially, it was hiking, or rather bushwacking, into no man's land, and then watching the 3 Marquette locals session like mad hooligans. I was getting pissed, hiking shit that I wouldn't usually hike even without a 32lb. bike. But by the end of the ride, it was easy to appreciate the intensity that these guys ride with. Totally smooth on stuff that I wouldn't even consider riding. Made me feel like a real nancy boy. Today was the DH finals, at Mount Marquette and day 1 of the Superior Bike Fest. 2+ minutes made this a longer course than last week's Alpine Valley NCS DH run. Tomorrow is the XC race. Get your ass to Marquette for some of the absolute best riding in the upper Midwest. Ok bye.
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